Sunday, May 31, 2009

And here it is...

Brad had already emailed the vineyard cake photos before I did that last post. Didn't realize it though. So anyway, here is the topper for the vineyard cake. Please pretend you don't see the white cardboard under the cake. That was just so I could move the cake around before assembling it. There was no visible white cardboard on the finished project. I'm going to have to get a photo of the entire cake from the shower coordinator as I couldn't put it together until it arrived at the venue. However, if you're good at imagining, you can probably picture it assembled. Basically, the bottom tier was the same as the top tier except for the size. 14" base tier - 10" top tier is shown. Enjoy!

Shower Cakes

Two cakes this weekend. Photos will follow soon. Saturday's cake was for a shower that was being held at a vineyard. The coordinator of the event wanted something elegant and simple that fit with the theme of the shower. So, we decided on off-white buttercream with a wine colored ribbon around the bottom edge of each tier. Then, piped over the buttercream we did grapes, vines, and leaves in almost the same shade of buttercream. Brad suggested we add a little color to the piped icing to make it stand out just a little. Had some trouble with the piping icing. It was very warm and I used a butter/shortening combo. But enough extra sugar helped fix that problem. The bride requested yellow cake with raspberry filling and lemon-flavored buttercream.
Today's cake is for another wedding shower. This one has a beach-y/summer-y/fun theme. So we're going with a 12" tier topped with a 10" tier. Then, I found a rather unorthodox topper for the cake. I was really struggling with design for this one. The problem was that I didn't want to re-do a design I'd already done for someone else, so I needed to incorporate elements of the beach wedding cake without copying it. Ended up finding a birdhouse at Christmas Tree Shops that's shaped like a sand castle. I figure if I use some flowers and chocolate shells in a creative enough fashion, I can make it work. Plus, the bride-to-be gets a new birdhouse out of it. I'll put parchment under the castle to keep it from touching the cake, but otherwise I won't have to do anything special. It just works!! Hopefully someone at the event will be able to take some decent photos, as my live-in photographer is working at a wedding today and had to leave before the cake was finished. This one's another marble with vanilla buttercream.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baseball Birthday Cake!

For your viewing pleasure today, we have before and after shots of Baseball Cake. The cake is French Vanilla with red raspberry filling. The icing is butter cream - vanilla with some almond flavor.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Daisy Cake!

Here's the most recent project. This one was for a bridal shower. It's a ten inch round at the bottom - marble cake with butter cream icing and a six inch round at the top - yellow cake with butter cream icing. There are pillars holding the top cake about an inch off of the bottom one. I wanted to put more space in there but the daisies didn't want to stack. As suggested in one of the Wilton Year Books, there's parchment under the daisies on both cakes. I used a blob of frosting in the middle of the parchment to keep the flower stems steady. There was a slight snafu on the way to the event and the six inch shifted in its box. Thankfully there was a spatula in the kitchen, as I neglected to bring a travel kit.
I'm working on trying out some new cake recipes. Thinking of picking up a copy of The Cake Mix Doctor. I'd like to be able to offer more flavors than are available in a box, but I'm still not sold on from scratch cakes.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thanks for waiting...

Here's a photo of the wedding cake I made for Nicole and Corey. It is a French vanilla cake with French vanilla butter cream icing. The seashells are white chocolate. There is fondant under some of the sand to keep the paint from the fence and chairs out of the cake/frosting that people would be ingesting. The sea grass was plastic; not sure what its intended purpose was, but after thorough washing, its new purpose was cake decoration! The sand is brown sugar.

Stay tuned for photos of the wedding shower cake I'm working on for next Saturday.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Please hold...

Well, my first wedding cake is finished and has been delivered. I won't have pictures for this one until...well, I don't know when. In the mean time, consider these photos the blog version of the type of music you hear when you're on hold.
The blue spotted one was for Brad's grandmother's birthday; the sailing one was for my grandfather's 90th birthday cake.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My New Favorite

I think the Food Network recipe for butter cream will be my standby, unless the bride requests something else. The bride I'm baking for tomorrow will have this one on her cake. The August 1 bride thinks she's leaning toward the Italian Meringue Butter Cream from CakeLove.

My next adventures will probably revolve around finding interesting cake/filling/icing combinations. How does dark chocolate cake with orange filling and vanilla buttercream sound? Kinda like a chocolate creamcicle (sp?).