Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, the CakeLove recipe for Italian Meringue Butter Cream icing worked...for now. I used it on a sample for a bride-to-be, and we'll see what she has to say about it. It was easy to spread and pipe, but I'm not sure if I love the texture. It's almost too smooth. I'm going to give this recipe from food network a try, and we'll see how that goes. Most of the reviews are very positive, but as with anything, there are plenty of nay sayers. We'll see what happens. Too bad one can't post taste samples on a blog.

Friday, April 24, 2009

French Vanilla

I have an important cake assignment coming up and the bride requested vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream. So I decided to try out some recipes before settling on anything permanent. Dunkin(sp?) Hines has a French vanilla boxed mix that's actually quite good. Looks like white cake, but uses the entire egg, so the cake is nice and sturdy. I found a recipe on line for French vanilla butter cream frosting. YUCK! It's like trying to ice a cake with a stick of butter. The flavor was awful. And the texture was worse than the taste. That recipe came from McCormick flavoring.

My next venture will be Italian Meringue Butter cream. It's supposed to hold up really well in the heat and be pretty much complimentary for any flavor cake. Found a recipe used by Warren Brown. He also does a super step-by-step lesson on IMBC preparation.

Part of me wonders if the reason I'm not too keen on the real butter cream is because I'm so used to the recipe we use for class. That one just doesn't taste fancy enough for a wedding cake. Tastes too much like grocery store frosting. We'll see how the meringue turns out. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So, I'll be using this blog as a sort of portfolio for my cakes. This way I'll have a place to send those who might be interested in having me create cakes for them. I am still just starting out and learning. I enjoy creating novelty cakes as you can see with the pizza cake, but am interested in honing my skills in the area of wedding and special event cakes. Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks for visiting!