Sunday, June 28, 2009

Next stop...Cape Cod

So I've just returned from a run to the market for the materials I'll need for my brother's wedding next weekend on Cape Cod. They're expecting about 100 guests for the big day. I'm kinda hoping that Friday will be grey and cool like today because we're going to have to transport the cake to the Cape and there's a huge melt-factor if it's too hot or sunny out and we're sitting in traffic. The day of the event there will be a shaded area for the cake, so that's a plus. The bride wants to keep the flavors simple, so we'll be doing vanilla for a few tiers, and chocolate for the others. The bottom tier will be half chocolate and half vanilla. There isn't an 18" pan that's a complete circle; you need to make it in half circles, so we'll use the natural split to vary the flavors. The 14" tier will be Styrofoam as the bottom tier alone will serve 100 guests and we don't want to have too much left over. The 10" tier will be chocolate and the 6" top tier will be vanilla. Decorations will be simple, ivory colored fondant (I broke down and bought some because I'm really afraid that the marshmallow will melt. It's not the Wilton brand, so it actually tastes really good. Brad said it was pretty close to the taste of the MM fondant.) with ivory ribbon at the bottom and a bead of pearls at the bottom of the ribbon. Erica's florist will be providing flowers, hydrangeas I believe. Photos of the process will follow shortly.